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Beginning Digital Photography

Get to know the basic workings of your DSLR, MILC, or similar camera, and explore the essentials of creative composition. Improve your photos after the first class!

Intermediate Digital Photography

Continue to develop your ability to chose your exposure, explore more composition possibilities, and improve some technical aspects of your photos.

Beginning Photoshop

For people new to Photoshop. Come and learn the basics of the interface and how to work within this awesome software.

Photoshop Course

Learn how to use Photoshop and Lightroom together to add more tools to your photographic arsenal, creating more compelling images!

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Beginning Macro Photography

Get close and get big!

Experience level: Beginner/Intermediate
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Few things in photography are as much fun as shooting macro. You don't need a lot of extra equipment, and you don't need any exotic location. You can do macro photography just about anywhere, any time; indoors or out, at home or elsewhere.

What is "macro photography"?

Macro photography is the craft of taking pictures of small things, or very close-up detail of larger things. Macro photography can allow you to see details in things like flowers, insects, or nearly anything else you can image, that you could never see with your naked eye, and printing macro photos large can make some really impressive photos!

The three images to the right are examples of macro photography. Each takes advantage of depth of field to create separation of the subject from the background, and add depth to the image. Click on the images to see them larger, and get a good look at the detail in the photos.

What will I need?

Because this is an introduction to macro photography, there will be a considerable amount of discussion and demonstration, and you do not need to own a macro lens.

In fact, if you do not already own a macro lens, it may be beneficial to wait until after this workshop, so that you better understand which lens you might like to purchase.

All popular camera-makers have quality macro lenses available for their systems.

Here are a few examples, if you don't already own a macro lens and are interested in purchasing one (links open in a new window).

Canon compatible:

Nikon compatible:

Sony compatible:

The lenses marked as recommended have great price to performance ratios, and are very popular, well-reviewed lenses. Don't see a macro lens for your camera? Contact us and we'll help you find one!

You can rent lenses to try!
If you're not ready to purchase your own macro lens, and you own a Nikon or Canon body, you can rent a lens from LensProToGo. They offer very reasonable rates, they will answer all of your questions to make sure you rent the right lens, are super friendly and knowledgeable, and they send everything you need, including return shipping labels.

Note that macro lenses are typically prime lenses (a single focal length), but they can be used for much more than just close-up photos. A 60mm lenses on APS-C sensor camera, for example, is a great lens for taking portraits, too.

If you have a different camera body, please feel free to ask me for assistance in helping you select a lens. Use the
contact form and make sure to tell me the exact make and model for your camera, and I'll help you find something that will work for you.

If you're going to research a macro lens on your own, then what you want to look for is a lens that reproduces at 1:1, or 1x magnification.


This workshop will be mostly discussion and demonstration, with an opportunity to do some "hands-on" during the last part of the workshop. While a camera with a macro lens would be great, you do NOT have to have them; you will be given the opportunity to try the concepts we learn using one of firefly53's cameras and lenses.

If you have any questions about your camera or lens, please feel free to use the contact form.