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Beginning Digital Photography

Get to know the basic workings of your DSLR, MILC, or similar camera, and explore the essentials of creative composition. Improve your photos after the first class!

Intermediate Digital Photography

Continue to develop your ability to chose your exposure, explore more composition possibilities, and improve some technical aspects of your photos.

Beginning Photoshop

For people new to Photoshop. Come and learn the basics of the interface and how to work within this awesome software.

Photoshop Course

Learn how to use Photoshop and Lightroom together to add more tools to your photographic arsenal, creating more compelling images!

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here's what's new...

New! Advanced Photography Course!

friday, december 13th, 2013

It's Friday, the 13th.

You are home alone.

A cat hisses and you hear floorboards creaking.

You look out your window and there is a man standing there with a broken ax!

Okay, it was me, stopping by to tell you that many of you asked for an Advanced course, so I have created one, and it will start in January, 2014!

See what the new Advanced Digital Photography Course is all about, and join us!

New! Gift Certificates!

sunday, december 8th, 2013

We've added a the ability to purchase gift certificate on the firefly53 web site.

You can purchase a gift certificate and print it to give to a friend (or yourself!), and you also have the option of emailing the recipient a link, so they can either print the certificate, or use the certificate code online, to register for an offering!

Available in dollar amounts, or for six- or eight-week courses, they are quick, convenient, and sexy! Well, okay, maybe not "sexy", but quick and convenient!

New! Beginning Macro Photography

sunday, october 6th, 2013

We've added a new workshop for people who are interested in macro photography.

One of the most fun styles of photography is macro, where you can get in close, and make giants out of the tiniest things. In this three-hour workshop you get the essentials necessary to take great shots of small things!

There are a limited number of space, read more and register now! Beginning Macro Photography.

Photoshop workshops added

saturday, august 27th, 2013

Interested in using Photoshop? I know a LOT of you are, in fact, it's probably the most asked-for set of classes, and one of the reasons we started firefly53 studios.

In the past, Photoshop has been a little to expensive for the "casual user", but Adobe's new Creative Cloud subscription service could change that. I've written an article of on the firefly53 website that examines Creative Cloud, and how you could be using Photoshop for just $20 a month, starting right now.

Now, along with the Beginning Photo course, and THe Basic Lightroom course, I have a couple of beginning Photoshop workshops, to introduce you to the magic of Photoshop, and the amazingly powerful tools at your disposal:

Is there a class or workshop you'd be interested in? Let me know!

sunflowers - tim waite
sunflowers - © 2013, Tim Waite

New course offerings announced

saturday, june 29th, 2013

We get asked all the time to offer more digital photography-related courses, and that's why we opened firefly53 studios.

You can view the course listings and availability at the firefly53 site, and even register right online.

The intial batch of courses that have been scheduled include a beginning photo course, a creative photography course, a beginning Lightroom course, and a new Photoshop Elements course.

Having the new classroom space at firefly53 means more flexibility in scheduling, so courses are being offered on multiple days, and there are morning, afternoon, and evening options, for some offerings.

Eventually, the course offerings will be duplicated on this web site, but for the moment, please head over to firefly53.com to view the offerings and schedules.

Stephanie and Tim at the firefly53 Summer Solstice Opening Party

timwaitephoto.com now at firefly53 studios, in Pembroke!

saturday, june 22nd, 2013

Tim Waite and Stephanie Grenadier have opened a new studio where they will be offering all manner of creative things!

From photo courses and workshops, through holistic massage, firefly53 studios, in Pembroke, MA, promises to be something slightly different.

With another location from which to teach, Tim will be offering a wider selection of classes in firefly53's classroom, while still offering his standard courses at South Shore Art Center.

This web site is currently being updated to integrate with the firefly53.com site, and until that is finished you'll need to visit the firefly53.com web site for the latest course offerings.

Please visit the firefly53.com web site and see for yourself what we're up to!